Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition

Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition

Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition


The Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition is a celebration of the GT’s remarkable sporting character, strikingly designed and featuring new, exclusive contrast colour options for the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser. Feel the thrill of driving like never before, with the Continental GT Speed Black Edition able to reach a blistering top speed of 206mph, sprinting from 0 - 60mph in only 3.9 seconds, making it the fastest ever production Bentley to ever prowl the road.

This stunning Bentley creation, available in both coupé and convertible body styles, is powered by a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine, which boasts 642PS and 840Nm of torque.

Handcrafted to sheer perfection over 110 hours, each Black Edition is luxuriously unique, with a sumptuous handstitched interior and a style that makes it unmistakable, unrivalled in performance and looks - the Continental GT Speed Black Edition is a force to be reckoned

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In such a fast, impressive car, it only makes sense that its safety features are equally remarkable. The Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition hugs the road like no other, and with the assistance of Hydraulic Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Programme and Bentley’s Anti-lock Braking System to enhance vehicle control, the car is fully prepared for driving on any surface and all weather. All-wheel drive offers optimum traction in all conditions, keeping your Bentley on track.

Not even wet surfaces can compete, with aquaplane detection able to identify and correct any loss of grip from experienced. An infotainment system that offers real-time monitoring of tyre pressure also means that you can stay informed to the highest degree and won’t be caught out.

Numerous airbags and seatbelt pre-tensioners are fitted to the Continental GT Speed Black Edition too, keeping all occupants as safe as possible in the event of an incident.


Instantly recognisable, the Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition combines sporting prowess and uniquely striking style to create a refreshed, darkly decadent machine. Featuring new contrast colouring to the front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser in four different shades - including brand new Cyber Yellow - these accents highlight the smooth musculature of the body while offering unique customisation options.

A high gloss black finish on the exterior brightware sets off the chosen body colour, and 21-inch five-spoke directional wheels in all-black support the body proudly, covering characteristic brake callipers in either red or black finishes.

The dark toned interior of the bold Black Edition is set off with more vibrant highlights, with carbon-fibre adorned fascia, centre and roof consoles contrasting with the Mulliner GT Design seats, which feature diamond quilting. The centre console is bordered by leather in four optional colours: Porpoise, Beluga, Pillar Box Red or new Cyber Yellow. 


Complementing the high levels of luxury in this exquisite design, technology within the Bentley Continental GT Speed Black Edition is far from basic. A touchscreen infotainment system with a 30GB hard drive allows 15GB of storage space for your entire eclectic music collection, plus a whole host of mapping data to get you anywhere you want to go. In-car Wi-Fi is available in the Black Edition too, offering optimum in-car connectivity.

Insert your SIM card or connect via Bluetooth for access to your phone’s contacts, allowing full connectivity on every single journey, and iPod or MP3 connectivity allow you even more access to music, podcasts, or even films for ultimate passenger entertainment. Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speakers offer such perfect clarity for your entertainment, you’ll never want to play music anywhere else – there’s even the option to upgrade to the NaimTM for Bentley system for a custom-built, velvet smooth sound.

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