Honda’s hybrid S2000 replacement in the pipeline

Honda looks set to introduce a successor to its S2000 roadster in 2018, and the motoring press has already reported that it will be fitted with a new 300bhp hybrid powertrain. Auto Express has published an exclusive image of the vehicle, which was previously dubbed the ‘baby NSX’.

The automotive publication had previously reported that the new arrival would be driven by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine taken from the Honda Civic Type R. However, reports suggest that pressure to meet stricter emissions regulations mean a more refined 1.5-litre unit will feature under the bonnet.

A company insider has revealed Honda’s reasoning for the S2000 replacement. While the Civic Type R is popular among motorists wanting potent performance from their road car, the NSX is out of reach for many who want extra pulling power. The hybrid sports car would meet this need and sit between the Type R and NSX in terms of cost.

It will also incorporate technology developed by Honda and McLaren for its Formula 1 programme. The Japanese brand is the engine supplier for the McLaren team, fitting its MP4-30 car with a RA615H hybrid engine.

Buyers of the new arrival should now expect the same output from the vehicle as the MP4-30. However, if it is ultimately anything like the S2000, they can look forward to energetic acceleration and sharp handling on the road or track.

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