McLaren-Honda Unveil the Mind-Blowing Honda Powered MP4-31 F1 Car for the 2016 Season

The McLaren-Honda team are gearing up for success ahead of 2016 Formula One season with the new and improved MP4-31 model which was unveiled on February 21st.

Innovation is at the forefront of this conceptually evolved model, with improvements made primarily to the design of the chassis and the overall concept of the power-unit from 2015's MP4-30.

So now the result of endless hard-work for the McLaren-Honda partnership over the winter break has been finally unveiled, what exactly can F1 fans and McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button expect from their new toy?

Honda RA616H Power Unit

Honda’s six-cylinder, 1.6 litre capacity Internal Combustion Engine allows the McLaren-Honda MP4-31 to hit a whopping max speed of 15,000 RPM and reach temperatures as high as 900degreesC when running at full throttle.

Even more impressive is that the MP4-31 will achieve 200km/h in fewer than five seconds off the start-line.

MP4-31 Chassis

McLaren-Honda has the concept design of their chassis for the MP4-31 both scientifically and technologically, which they claim strikes the perfect balance of aerodynamic solutions with the integration of Honda’s newly designed power unit.

It comprises of a carbon-fibre monocoque, which incorporates the driver controls and fuel cell and weighs in at just 702kg overall including the driver – but excluding fuel.

What the drivers had to say about the car and the season ahead

Jenson Button, the 2009 F1 world champion, was quoted as saying: “I'm not about to make any over-optimistic predictions - F1 is far too unpredictable to do that - but from what I've seen so far the aero detailing on the car looks fantastic and I'm really looking forward to beginning the process of testing our innovations."

Fernando Alonso added: “The aero package shows fantastic attention to detail. The whole car is beautiful in fact – it’s particularly nicely packaged from an aerodynamic point of view as I say – and I’m 100 per cent ready for the challenge ahead.”

Overall, it appears the McLaren-Honda team are extremely proud of their new creation and will be hoping the hard-work pays off with success this season.

McLaren-Honda MP4-31