2017 Honda NSX

Meet the 2017 Honda NSX

Honda are bringing a ‘New Sports eXperience’ to the supercar segment with the long-awaited return of the Honda NSX.

The Honda NSX has regularly appeared at car shows and festivals in recent years, but this week Honda have released more information about the 2017 NSX, which is a huge step towards re-igniting Honda’s passion for performance.

Advanced Sports Hybrid Power Unit

The Honda NSX is the world’s first supercar to use hybrid electric motors. The electrically powered torque vectoring provided by the front-mounted Twin Motor Unit enhances its acceleration, braking and cornering and takes Honda’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive technology to a new level.

Additionally, the twin-turbocharged 3.5 litre V6 engine at the rear produces 507 PS, contributing heavily to the NXS’s incredible 191 mph top speed.

Innovative Manufacturing and Design

The NSX’s striking exterior design fuses supercar aesthetics with supercar performance. Honda has used innovative metal technology, as well as world-first construction processes, to create a truly lightweight and structurally rigid supercar.

The Total Airflow Management strategy implemented by Honda’s engineers supports complete power unit cooling and air intake, brake system cooling, and aerodynamic performance to an advanced level.

Human-Centred Cabin

Honda have designed the NSX’s interior with equal consideration. The cabin has been carefully crafted to be human-centric, with a cockpit designed especially to support the driver through outstanding comfort, interaction and visibility.

The NSX’s in-car technology comprises a Centre Console which includes the 7.0-inch touchscreen Honda CONNECT system, Dual-Zone Climate Control, the Integrated Dynamics System control knob, three-position heated seat controls, Electronic Gear Selector, Electronic Parking Brake and two storage compartments.

NSX Personalisation

As the first built-to-order vehicle in Honda’s history, customers are able to heavily personalise their NSX to their own tastes.

Owners can select from a wide range of factory options including a choice of eight exterior paint finishes, seat upgrades with a choice of four colours of leather and a number of exterior additions within the Carbon Fibre Exterior Sport Package.

The Honda NSX is priced from £137,950 and the first deliveries are expected to reach European customers this autumn. Contact your nearest Jardine Honda dealership for more information.