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Spanning the complete range of marques that we represent, we provide updates and news from the motoring industry in the United Kingdom. All breaking news stories and important events are covered, including the debut of concepts and brand new models from every manufacturer we represent. You can also visit us for the latest information and specifications for future vehicles. To read any full news article, simply click on the links below.

Buying a car is a complicated process! Here's our checklist to take you through every step, from budgeting to the test drive & making the deal.
This car jargon buster will give you the lowdown on some of the most commonly used terms you’ll face when buying a new car.
Here are some tips for getting the best sound from your car along with the cars that come fitted with the best sound systems and technologies.
Hello, I'm dog! And I've sniffed out 5 of the best cars for dogs, with the biggest boot space & best added dog features and upgrades. Read on, human!
We've rounded up the 12 most memorable & entertaining car adverts of all time! Featuring cogs, chickens, Darth Vader & Steve McQueen. Watch now.
The government changes to VED – which is more commonly known as car tax – will be coming into force April this year. Here’s some FAQs so you know what to expect.
With so much choice this year, we thought we’d scour through the TV guide for you and pick out the best car films you should watch over Christmas.
We look back on the very best car highlights of 2016 in what was incredibly exciting and innovative year in the motoring world.
Join thousands of petrolheads at the best motoring events in 2017, from international motor shows to car festivals, Formula 1 races & motorbike TT events.
Will you be driving home for Christmas this year? If so, we’ve put together the perfect Christmas car playlist to get you through the inevitable traffic!
7-seater cars are renowned for their family friendliness. So we’ve listed some of the very best 7-seater SUVs and MPVs currently on the market going into 2017.
Break through the technical jargon! We explain exactly what a hybrid car is & how the 4 different hybrid types work. Read on for answers to your top FAQs.
With a greater selection of high-performance hatchbacks available to car buyers, we’ve chosen seven of the best hot hatches on the market for 2017.
Did you know upgraded alloy wheels & a roof rack can hike up your car insurance prices? We look at minor car modifications that affect insurance premiums.
Winter brings with it a whole set of safety issues when driving. Here’s our 10 essential tips for you to stay safe on the roads this winter.
Don't waste time (and money) on outdated practice driving theory tests! We've curated the best mock tests and mobile apps to help you pass first time.
With the 2016 Paris Motor Show now in full swing, we take a look at the incredible concepts that have been unveiled which hope to be the cars of the future.
Don't get scratches and swirl marks in your car paintwork! We show you how to clean your car like a pro, including detailing tips for a shiny car.
It is our honour to announce that the 2016 Whizz-Kidz Variety Ball was a huge success and Jardine Motors Group was pleased and proud to be involved.
Cinema is packed full of great cars that perhaps deserve more recognition. That’s why we’ve picked out some of the most underrated cars from well-known films.
Can't cram everything into your car? We've chosen 7 of the best cars with big boots - view SUVs & estates with high boot space, even with the rear seats up.
In one month, the doors will open to the 2016 Paris Motor Show. We take a look at what to expect this year including some expected new car releases.
Help - I got a Notice of Intended Prosecution! We answer your speeding ticket FAQs, including how much is a speeding fine & what to do now.
It’s been a great year for supercars so far with some exciting new releases coming up soon. So here’s just 7 of the best supercars on the market in 2016.
We've picked the best motorcycle safety tips & techniques to ride defensively. Plus we look at the best protective motorbike clothing to keep you safe.
Thinking about buying a hybrid or plug-in electric car? Here are 8 compelling reasons to switch to electric-powered cars. Plus, we answer your FAQs.
Join us for Festival Italia in Kent for a celebration of Italian cars & racing heritage. Including cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati & more.
Learning to drive can be a costly and stressful experience. So we’ve put together a handy list of useful tips that will help you pass your driving test.
Thinking about a getting new car? We've put together a checklist of what to look for when buying a car, from features & fuel type to the costs involved.
Saloon cars can vary in their size, price and luxury status. Here are 7 of the best saloon cars for sale in 2016.
Nobody likes breaking down. We've chosen seven of the UK's most reliable cars to keep you on the move and prevent expensive repair bills.
Jardine Motors Group will make changes to its recruitment after research into attitudes towards the automotive industry found outdated perceptions. Read our findings here.
Discover the latest car technology for cars of the future! We look at the in-car tech developments from safety assist features to smartphone integration
Its time to put the roof down. Take a look at our list of 7 of the best convertible cars available in 2016.
Jardine Motors Group has increased its presence in the Midlands with the purchase of Colliers Group
Taking a road trip around France for Euro 2016? Check out our selection of 5 of the best drives in France.
Driving in the summer comes with many challenges. Check out our 10 essential summer driving safety tips to help you stay safe (and cool) on the roads this summer.
Travelling to Euro 2016? Here's our ultimate guide to driving in France - know the laws and road regulations to avoid fines and speeding tickets
The new series of Top Gear starts 29 May on BBC2. Watch the extended trailer for episode one, featuring Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc the the Stig.
We've put together 10 easy driving tips and car maintenance checks to lower your fuel consumption and get more miles per gallon (MPG)
We’ve selected 5 of the best Motability cars, all of which are available as part of Jardine Motors’ partnership with the government-funded Motability Scheme.
In May, we’ll see the eagerly awaited arrival of the all-new London Motor Show 2016. We take a look at what fans can expect at this year’s event.
Discover 7 of the best hybrid cars for 2016. We take a look at these innovative hybrid cars to increase your fuel efficiency and cut car tax.
Find out the right way to test drive a new car with our checklist of what to look for during your test drive.
If your ideal break is to hit the road rather than the beach, we’ve selected 5 of the best SUVs that are ideal for a big road trip with family and friends.
Driverless cars are becoming more and more of a reality. We take a look at the technology behind them and the pros and cons of self-driving cars.
We’ve put together our list of things you might not know about parking fines in 2016 and beyond.
We’ve put together a list of 5 city cars under £10,000 - new or used - which give you the upper hand when navigating the streets of a big city.
If you’re wondering how to get the most for your used car, we've put together a list of easy, do-it-yourself tips that will help you get the highest possible price for your vehicle.
After an enthralling 10 days, we look at 5 of the biggest releases unveiled at this year’s excellent Geneva Motor Show. Take a look at our Geneva blog post to see what the show had to offer.
Congratulations to our IT Department who completed the Coast 2 Coast Challenge raising a fantastic amount of money for our partner charity Whizz-Kidz.
On Friday 10th July Jardine Motors Group held a charity shooting event in aid of our charity partner Whizz-Kidz
Jardine Motors Group representative hosted a day out for a team from Whizz-Kidz to see the land speed record car, BLOODHOUND SSC, which is attempting 1000mph.
A professionally restored, Porsche 911 SC, will be the main attraction at the Jardine Motors Charity Ball.