Volkswagen Crafter Window Van

Volkswagen Crafter Window Van

New Volkswagen Crafter Window Van


With top fuel efficiency and the ability to transport up to eight passengers, the Volkswagen Crafter Window Van is a roomy and comfortable passenger carrier, with an impressive range of performance-enhancing technologies.

The new Volkswagen Crafter Window Van can be discovered at Jardine Motors Group in Essex.


To maximise the security of all occupants, the Crafter Window Van’s solid steel frame is supported by bumpers and an anti-roll bar, whilst the hydraulic braking system, parking lights and Traction Control System help you remain in control at all times. Optional fog lights and Hill Hold Assist can provide further aid in difficult conditions, and height adjustable seatbelts and head restraints, along with the option for additional airbags, lower the risk of injury upon impact.


From the chunky steel wheels to the secure black bumpers, the Crafter Window Van gives a feeling of professional safety. A sliding door on the left-hand side enables passengers to enter and leave the vehicle quickly and easily, and the independent suspension combines with telescopic shock absorbers to ensure a smooth ride for everyone.The interior is just as impressive, with “Tasamo” fabric seat covers designed to provide comfort and durability. The steel floor has a rubber covering to give the cabin a warmer feel, and storage compartments overhead, as well as in the right step and doors, provide plenty of luggage space.Optional climatic air conditioning can maintain a fresh atmosphere, and whether you choose the medium or long wheelbase, there is plenty of space – up to 14m3 in the load compartment.


New 2.0-litre TDI engines are cleaner and more economical, but retain the power of the older 2.5-litre, so you can transport large groups efficiently. 

The choice of BlueMotion Technology enables you to make the Volkswagen Crafter Window Van even more eco-friendly by cutting CO2 emissions to under 230g/km, and raising fuel economy to up to 36.2mpg – an impressive value, given the number of people the vehicle can transport.

​Vehicle Length​5905 mm / 232.5 in
​Vehicle Width​1993 mm / 78.5 in
​Vehicle Length​(unladen) 2140 mm / 84.3 in
​Wheelbase​3665 mm / 144.3 in
​Unladen Weight (DIN)​2179 kg / 4804 lb

​Engine / Cylinders​2.0-litre/4
​Engine Capacity​1968 cc
​Max Torque​300 nm @ 1500-2250 rpm
​Max Power​80 kW @ 3500 rpm
Top Speed 91.3 mph
Combined Cycle 32.8 mpg
Urban Cycle 28 mpg
CO2 226 g/km

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