Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter

​New Volkswagen Crafter in Essex​


The Volkswagen Crafter is a commercially-minded vehicle with a healthy payload, despite lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Great for long journeys with heavy loads, it is perfect for professionals.

The new Volkswagen Crafter can be discovered at Jardine Motors Group in Essex.


The vehicle’s hydraulic brake system is supported by a third brake light and Electronic Brake Assist to give you extra stopping power when it’s needed. 

The Volkswagen Crafter also includes a driver’s airbag, adjustable head restraints, and an anti-roll bar to provide extra support and stability if a collision does occur.


From the steel wheels to the physicality of the wide-set frame, the Volkswagen Crafter is an impressive sight. Stylish black bumpers are augmented by an integrated front step, a fusion of flair and pragmatism which is continued in the sheet steel flooring and towing lights.The interior is similarly well-crafted. Load lashing rings and pivoted sun visors help you to carry out jobs as efficiently as possible, while interior lighting and an illuminated dashboard enable you to remain aware of your surroundings at all times. You can choose from a short, medium or long wheelbase to customise the Volkswagen Crafter to your exact needs. The short wheelbase includes a load compartment volume of 7.5m3, and has a reduced size and turning circle to enable smoother urban driving. The long wheelbase, though more restricted in its movements, has a huge load compartment volume of 14m3.


The three different TDI engines show impressive efficiency for such a powerful vehicle.

With optional BlueMotion Technology, fuel economy can reach up to 42.8mpg, and CO2 emissions can be as low as 187g/km, helping you reduce your carbon footprint while saving on running costs.

A top speed approaching 100mph ensures that the Crafter has the power to shift heavy loads over long distances, while minimal body roll and sharp steering enable you to reach your destination as smoothly as possible with your cargo intact.

​Vehicle Length​5240 mm / 206.3 in
​Vehicle Width​1993 mm / 78.5 in
​Vehicle Height​(unladen) 2415 mm / 95.1 in
​Wheelbase​3250 mm / 128 in
​Unladen Weight (DIN)​1956 kg / 4312 lb
Engine / Cylinders 2.0-litre/4
Engine Capacity 1968 cc
Max Torque 300 nm @ 1500-2250 rpm
Max Power 80 kW @ 3500 rpm

​Top Speed91.3 mph​
​Combined Cycle32.8 mpg​
​Urban Cycle28 mpg​
​CO2226 g/km​

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