Engine Drain the engine oil and refill with the correct specification oil at no extra charge
Fit new oil filter
Check for oil leaks (clean and advise if required)
Check cambelt/timing belt replacement interval (age/mileage)
Check condition and tension of all fan/alternator belts (adjust if required)
Check cooling fan operation
Check condition of auxiliary drive belts
Perform Volkswagen guided fault find on engine management system*
Check for workshop actions and Volkswagen safety recalls on vehicle *
Check condition of the undertray, under body and sealants
Check condition of radiator
Check condition of coolant hoses and retaining clips
Check condition of coolant caps and seals
Check the coolant antifreeze strength to manufacturer recommendation and top up if low level
Fit new spark plugs (manufacturer recommendation)
Visual check of high tension (HT) leads
Check operation of the starter motor
Fit new pollen filter (manufacturer recommendation)
Fit new air filter (manufacturer recommendation)
Fit new fuel filter (diesel engines)
Drive System Check the final drive system. Report if four wheel drive oil change interval is due
Check clutch operation
Tup up hydrolic clutch fluid if required
Check operation of gearbox
Check condition of drive shaft gaiters
Check condition of rear axle
Fuel Check the visible fuel lines
Check condition of the fuel cap seals
Exhaust Visual check of the entire exhaust system
Check for exhaust smoke
Suspension & Steering Check shock absorbers
Check wheel bearings for movement
Check condition of steering gaiter rack condition
Visual check of all swivel joints
Check power steering reservoir fluid level and top up if required
Check all steering components for wear and corrosion
Brakes Inspect brake system components
Check condition of front and rear brake pads (report wear percentage)
Check condition of brake drums for wear, cracks, corrosion, scoring or pitting (where fitted)
Check condition of brake drum linings/shoes (where fitted)
Check condition of rear brake discs for wear, cracks, corrosion, scoring or pitting
Check condition of brake callipers
Check the operation of wheel cylinders (report any leaks)
Check brake servo operation
Check brake fluid level and condition. Top up if required
Check handbrake travel (report if required)
Battery Check condition and performance of battery with Volkswagen battery tester and print results*
If battery unsealed, top up battery fluids
Check performance of the alternator
Vehicle Interior Check condition of seatbelts
Check condition and operation of all pedals
Visual check of front airbags
Check function of front lights
Check function of rear lights
Check function of boot light
Check function of interior courtesy lights
Check all 12v sockets (if fitted)
Check horn function
Check function of all warning lamps
Check security and fitment of carpets, trims and carpet mats
Check condition of internal mirrors
Vehicle Exterior Check all door, bonnet and boot hinges and grease as required
Check function of all locks, catches and latches
Check operation of all windscreen wipers
Check condition and allignment of all windscreen wiper blades
Check windscreen washer fluid levels and top up as required
Check wash/wipe spray settings
Check headlight allignment
Check operation of headlights, front indicators and front fog lights
Check operation of any front day time running lighting
Check operation of rear tail lights, rear indicators, rear brake lights and rear fog lights
Visual check of body work
Visual inspection of all of glass, windows and mirrors
Visual check of all light lenses
Check condition of both number plates
Visual check of any ariel/antennas
Tyres and Wheels Check all tyre conditions for wear, inflation and report all tread depths (including spare)
Check and adjust tyre pressure (where required)
Check settings of pressure monitoring systems (where applicable)
Set wheel nut torque to manufacturer specification
Check wheels for correct balance
Remove all wheels
Check condition of all wheels (outer and inner)
Final Checks Reset service interval display
Attach 'your next service' sticker to the driver's door pillar*
Perform vehicle road test
Stamp customer service book with approved Volkswagen stamp*
Deliver vehicle to courtesy clean team (jet wash, vacuum and tyre slick) at no extra charge