If you thought the Valkyrie was beautiful to look at, with its evocative form and uncompromising design, wait until you feast your eyes on its even more aggressive and enticing sibling. No longer held back by the rules of the road, the Valykrie AMR Pro’s design is even more extreme. Its wheelbase is 380mm longer, 96mm wider in track at the front and 115mm at the rear. A new aerodynamics package adds an additional 266mm in length, too, resulting in twice the amount of downforce than the Valkyrie.

But putting the facts and figures to one side, the Valkyrie AMR Pro is simply stunning. To simply dub this a track-only hypercar is an understatement. What Aston Martin has achieved is a masterpiece; a hypercar that takes style, performance, and innovation to a whole new level.


Committed to shedding as much weight as possible, the team has used ultra-lightweight carbon fibre bodywork, carbon suspension wishbones and Perspex windows, whilst the interior has been stripped. By working together with longstanding partner Multimatic, Aston Martin’s Valkyrie AMR Pro is exceptionally light and strong for a driving experience like no other.


A car this powerful requires substantial safety systems that prioritise the protection of the driver. In the Valkyrie AMR Pro, these safety features include specially developed Michelin racing tyres and Formula One-inspired carbon brakes to ensure supreme traction and incredible stopping power. Every Valkyrie AMR Pro customer will also receive driver training from Aston Martin’s instructor team.


Aston Martin squeezed as much power as possible into the road legal Valkyrie – and the result was mind-blowing. Now, the engineering teams at Aston Martin and RBAT have been released from the shackles of the road and freed from any race rule constraints to produce something truly astonishing.

The Valkyrie AMR Pro uses a race-optimised chassis and a modified version of the 6.5-litre Cosworth V12 engine found in the original Valkyrie, with the hybrid system removed to save weight. As a result, Aston Martin claims the hypercar will achieve lateral acceleration of more than 3G and produce a blistering 1,000bhp at 11,000rpm, with a top speed of 225mph. The Valkyrie AMR Pro is capable of lapping the 8.5-mile 24H Le Mans circuit in as little as 3 minutes 20 seconds; track performance that rivals that of a Formula One car.