The all new DB11 Volante - Beautiful is a world above

The first public appearance of an Aston Martin Volante came at the 1965 London Motor Show, attached to an interim model that made use of the 37 remaining DB5 chassis. Since that moment, the Volante name has been a permanent fixture in Aston Martin’s history with a rich heritage than spans a range of models and 52 years of production.

From the heady days of the mid-1960s, the Volante name has come a long way. With near-identical performance figures as their coupe counterparts, today’s open-top Aston Martins use the latest technology to ensure blue sky driving is as thrilling as ever.

Revealed on Friday 13th October at 11:45am (GMT) on Good Morning America by President and Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, the new DB11 Volante unlocks the beauty of the world above from £159,900.

The interior of the DB11 Volante is a beautiful, calm and private space with the roof up. Natural materials and craftsmanship provide a luxurious and comfortable environment. Opening the roof then lifts the lid on the magnificent V8 power plant, ensuring that blue-sky driving is as thrilling as ever from the comfort of the DB11’s cabin.


The new DB11 Volante features a completely new advanced fabric roof system, allowing an innovative and beautiful form enhanced by a faultlessly flowing roof line. The new roof design enforces the DB11 Volante’s sports grand tourer dynamic capability, offering customers the romance of an open-top coastal drive or an engaging sprint through a mountain pass with the roof closed.

The Volante’s ‘K-fold’ roof is an all-new design with zero carry over from DB9. It enables a beautifully sculpted roof line when up, maintaining the DB11’s aesthetic side profile. The Soft-top Volante roof is available in a range of colours, to enable maximum personalisation opportunities.


The new Aston Martin DB11 Volante will utilise a high performance 4-litre V8 Twin Turbo engine, generating an output of 503bhp / 510 PS, as previewed in the DB11 Coupé at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The basis of this engine has been provided by AMG as part of our ongoing relationship. Aston Martin Engineers have worked tirelessly to ensure that this engine maintains the unique AML character and ‘feel’ that Aston Martin are renowned for.

The V8 engine is positioned much lower in the vehicle than AMG, which lowers the centre of gravity and improves weight distribution to contribute to improved driving dynamics. The lower position of the engine is achieved through new engine mounts and a lower, slimmer wet sump. With this bespoke new wet sump design, AML have achieved an improved engine parasitic loss figure, which improves fuel economy.

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