Aston Martin christens a future sports car

Aston Martin has just confirmed that the forthcoming new model in the range will be called the DB11. The sports car will bear the ‘DB’ moniker as a sign that it is a descendent of Aston’s highly successful DB5 and DB9 models.

The long DB bloodline is central to the success of the luxury car brand. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer stated that: “the coming years will see Aston Martin transform not only its entire range of models but also its scale and global presence, and the new DB11 will be central to that success.”

The DB11 will be unveiled at the end of 2016. The design is expected to contain hints of the DB10 and DBX concept cars, and the interior will be inspired by the Mercedes S-Class. Those in the know are expecting a version of the existing Aston Martin V12 under the bonnet, possibly with turbo charging to enhance power and efficiency.

The Aston Martin DB11 is expected to make its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, and will be Andy Palmer’s focus for the fourth quarter of 2015. We bring you the latest news and vehicles from Aston Martin at Lancaster Aston Martin in Cambridge and in Sevenoaks, Kent. Please check our news feed regularly to stay up to date with the progress of the DB11.

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