Aston Martin Launch Certified Pre-Owned Car Programme ‘Timeless’

Aston Martin have launched the brand new ‘Timeless’ certification programme for its pre-owned cars.

Around 5,000 pre-owned Aston Martins are sold in the UK each year and approximately 50% of these are carried out by Aston Martin dealerships. The new initiative, launched on March 1st will be exclusive to franchised dealers and will therefore see Aston Martin’s own pre-owned proposition become further differentiated from those of non-franchised sales channels.

The ‘Timeless’ programme certifies all pre-owned cars from authorised dealerships that have been subjected to new ultimate quality control processes to ensure that each and every pre-owned, or ‘Timeless’, Aston Martin car embodies the highest mechanical and aesthetical standards.

Aston Martin are sure that Timeless will build on the success of their recent ‘Assured Provenance’ certification programme for classic models, and will extend the full Aston Martin experience to pre-owned car customers.

There are two key processes an Aston Martin pre-owned car must go through as part of the Timeless certification programme:

  1. Provenance checks with independently certified car history and mileage verification
  2. Multipoint pre-delivery hardware and software checks by Aston Martin trained technicians

Other than having the peace of mind knowing your Aston Martin has passed the above criteria, Aston Martin are also offering pre-owned customers the following additional benefits included as part of the programme:

  1. Minimum of 12 months complimentary unlimited mileage warranty and roadside assistance with the option of extending up until when the car is fifteen years old
  2. Genuine Aston Martin parts
  3. 15% discount on accessories up to 3 months after purchase
  4. MOT test cover for any models over 2 years old

As part of the programme, Aston Martin have also created a Timeless pre-owned car locator which allows customers to search for pre-owned models that qualify under the Timeless certification programme.

Aston Martin Timeless Pre-Owned Car