A Famous Collaboration

Aston Martin and Zagato have collaborated for over 50 years since Elio and Gianni Zagato worked with David Brown and his talented team to produce the iconic DB4GT Zagato. The fruits of their combined work have always been crafted in limited numbers because they should be something truly special and collectable. They are indeed the choice of the ‘individualist’ a person who appreciates understated style, beauty and substance, but is not afraid to be different.

Where It All Began

The Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato was introduced in October 1960 at the London Motor Show. It was effectively a DB4GT, lightened and improved by the Zagato factory in Italy. Nowadays, due to the rarity and popularity of the DB4GT Zagato, the cars are worth a considerable amount of money, and at auction they have reached well in excess of £9 million.

Working with the legendary Italian styling house Zagato, to combine traditional craftsmanship with high technology and absolute exclusivity, the latest collaboration, the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato shooting brake delivers a unique combination of performance, rarity and fastidious attention to detail—both inside and out. With its effortless beauty guaranteed to stir the senses, the Vanquish Zagato shooting brake is destined to be one of the most highly coveted models in Aston Martin’s history.

Only 99 of Aston Martin’s first-ever, production-series Shooting Brake will be built. With an all-new carbon fibre body, with striking design, outstanding power and absolute exclusivity it is a combination of unbound craftsmanship and imagination, exceeding the limit of design, surpassing every expectation. Production is scheduled to commence in Q4 2018 with first deliveries targeted for the end of the year.

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