Aston Martin DBX

How do you create a vehicle that looks like an Aston Martin while being both bigger inside and taller off the ground? The design team, led by Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, seem to have hit the bullseye. Compared with some luxury SUVs the DBX looks elegant, balanced and sporty, thanks in part to its new dedicated SUV platform and long wheelbase. Design cues like the familiar Aston Martin grille are present, the rear end has echoes of the flick tail treatment from the Vantage, while the fastback styling positions the visual mass of the car over the rear wheels without compromising ingress and egress.

It’s a new experience to look at the specification of an Aston Martin and find references to off-road approach and depart angles as well as maximum towing weights. The new DBX is perfect for the kind of ‘grand touring’ that Aston Martin cars have always excelled at. It’s fast, it can accommodate five in luxurious comfort and it looks as stunning as every Aston Martin should.

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“Aston Martin has struck gold with the DBX”


“Aston’s first SUV is an interesting, exciting thing​"


"The Most Entertaining, Brutish SUV You'll Ever Drive"

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