Lagonda Vision Concept Car

Lagonda aims to be the world’s first zero emission luxury brand. It will make a mockery of traditional thinking and take advantage of the latest advances in electrification and autonomous driving technologies.

The Lagonda ‘Vision Concept’ sign posts the future as a standalone marque that will transform the way people perceive luxury transport, using cutting edge design, creating technologically radical, visually spectacular, thoroughly modern and ultra-luxurious vehicles that will overturn conventional thinking.

The Vision Concept shows the scope of design opportunities offered by electric powertrains allowing it to be far shorter and lower than traditional limousines. This radical design means there is room inside for four adults to stretch out in luxurious comfort.

The Lagonda Vision Concept also would be capable of driving itself in all routine circumstances and on all recognisable roads. In autonomous mode the steering wheel can also retract entirely allowing front seat passengers to rotate through 180 degrees to engage in face to face conversation with those in the back. The car will have 360 degree awareness of the world around it and be fully connected, allowing occupants unprecedented access to bespoke concierge services.

The Lagonda of the future will remain faithful to the forward thinking, adventurous spirit of Wilbur Gunn, the Anglo-American engineer and entrepreneur who founded the brand in a greenhouse in Staines in 1904. He succeeded because he refused to accept that the current way was the only way. Lagonda went on to become not only one of the most coveted car brands in the world, but among the most versatile too. Text here ...