Evo says - Vantage leaves an impressive first impression

Evo magazine has praised the New Vantage's grip, poise, throttle response and soundtrack. It’s a car that you quickly feel at home in. The driving position is spot-on and the steering has just the right rate of response. Getting the nose into corners is easy and the car feels like it has a lovely short wheelbase so you can begin driving it through the corner nice and early rather than having to wait for it to settle. It has tremendous traction too (at least in the dry), so you can really make the most of the instant throttle response.

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The AutoExpress 5 star verdict

The brand is a brilliant British success story and the Vantage a fantastically well-rounded sports car. Any quality concerns have been rectified, too, with the cabin covered in luxurious leather and typical Aston detailing. Sure, you may get better tech and practicality in a Porsche 911, but when it comes to the way the car drives, the new Aston Martin Vantage is simply sensational.

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AutoCar calls it "thoroughly enjoyable"

On a circuit, the Vantage is terrific. The engine note is as raucous and hard as you’d want it to be. The front goes where you point it and there’s a terrific level of control and precision over the rear. It’s just as well the Vantage is poised, responsive and predictable, because you’re relying on it to do the shrinking around you. To an extent, it does; with the aural and tactile cues this car gives you, it’s thoroughly enjoyable.

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CAR Magazine's hottest sport car 2018

Aston Martin has taken the Vantage up-a-gear combining sharp, bold design and a dynamic edge.

Inheriting the power and grace that Aston Martin are renowned for, the latest model stays true to its heritage whilst evolving and benefiting from added features to reach the epitome of performance.

But don't take our word for it. CAR magazine has described the New Vantage as "a sensational new Vantage with epic engines and electronics. The Aston feels short and agile – its V8 might sit ahead of you but the vantage is unmistakably mid-engined."

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