We have known this Aston Martin, and its story for a number of years. With the decision now made for us to work with the owner to find a new custodian, we have been privy to some very special content.

I am sure, having spent many hours recently working with Julian, I have outstayed my welcome but his continued enthusiasm and commitment to his Aston is, I suspect, no different from when he left his part-exchanged Rover Vitesse on the gravel outside Sunny Side in the June of 1985 and started this journey.

The “Jalopy” as he often refers to it has figured in possibly all of the momentous events of this owner’s life for 31 years. From the first date with his wife and then his wedding day car, to collecting his two sons from the maternity ward and delivering the second to his senior school prom. Many more occasions have been beautifully recorded by camera, the photo library starting with a comprehensive photographic record of the car progressing down the production line at the factory.

Today, and the Journey so far covering some 71,000 miles, many of which would have been accumulated on continental family driving holidays, this V8 Vantage remains in the most remarkable factory original condition having been correctly maintained and enthusiastically enjoyed.

  • The most complete history folder we have considered.
  • A thorough engineers inspection involving a 65 mile round trip where the car performed without fault, confirming this must be one of the most factory original V8 Vantages available anywhere in the world today.

All the original documentation relating to specifying the car including sample leather swatches, original price list, brochures and the bill of sale.

A photo record of the Vantage being built and the next 31 years of its life.

A fully documented service history supporting the correct level of maintenance has been carried out.