Winter Protection Accessories

With winter just around the corner the Aston Martin Accessories range can help maintain your car in the best condition throughout the changing seasons.

Tyre Cushions

These high density foam cushions, branded with the Aston Martin logo are designed to help protect tyres and reduce flat spots when in storage. Capable of supporting up 2.5 tonnes and tyres up to  500mm wide.

Snow Chains

Aston Martin snow chains feature an innovative rachet system with welded bars to provide better grip and performance on ice and snow. Designed to avoid any damage to the wheel, the snow chains fit to the original nut/bolt of the wheel having no contact with the alloy rims. Supplied in a storage bag for convenient stowage.

Winter Wheel & Tyre Kits

Proven to improve traction and handling when the temperature drops below 70C, our Winter Wheel and Tyre Kits help to ensure peace of mind during the winter months. Supplied as a complete set of wheels with winter tyres, the kits are designed to make the switch to winter wheels as smooth as possible.

Indoor Car Cover

A fully tailored car cover made in soft cotton with a protective fleece lining Embroidered with the Aston Martins wings and model logo. Fully washable and supplied with a storage bag Available in Black, Grey or Navy.

All Weather Overmats

All weather mats ensure your carpet remains protected from the winter elements. Made from TPE, the mats are hard wearing and durable. Featuring a pressed and anodised aluminium branding.

Ultimate Car Cover

A weather resistant and breathable car cover, with a Teflon coating allowing water to ‘bead’ and run off. Available in six colours.

Bespoke Indoor Car Cover

Giving additional levels of choice the bespoke car cover allows a number of colour options Option A – Any colour and piping choice Option B – Two body colour and piping choice Option C – Two body colour and piping choice with embroidered initials Option D – Two body colour and piping choice with embroidered initials and centre bonnet logo.

Outdoor Car Cover

A tailored car cover made from breathable and water resistant fabric. Available in Grey.