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The all-new A7 Sportback

The all-new A7 Sportback

The all-new Audi A7 Sportback.

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The all-new Audi A7 Sportback has been revealed, and it's setting the standard for it's class.

Following the same exterior design styling as the all-new Audi A8, with large surface areas, taut lines and sharp edges make the all-new A7 Sportback look dynamic and beautiful from all angles.

The interior of the A7 Sportback has been designed to be futuristic. Ensuring a spacious and comfortable cabin with horizontal lines and an incredibly sleek instrument panel, the new A7 Sportback speaks for itself.

Also following in the footsteps of the all-new Audi A8, the A7 features Audi Intelligence.

Activating the Audi AI remote parking pilot and the Audi AI remote garage pilot with the AI button, the A7 Sportback will autonomously drive into and out of a parking space or garage. This function will be launched later in 2018.

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