The all-new A6 Avant - Now at centres!

The all-new A6 Avant - Now at centres!



The all-new A6 Avant has been revealed, showcasing the Audi contemporary design with new enhanced technologies.

Avant - the Audi byword for grace under pressure - standing for intrinsic elegance combined with adaptability of everyday life.

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The all-new A6 Avant comes with a comprehensive package of safety systems incorporating the latest lighting, assistance and passive safety technologies.

Upgraded tail lights with a special light signature made up of a single horizontal line and nine vertical segments for each unit are available. When locking and unlocking doors, the rear lights initiate a pulsing leaving and coming home sequence, emphasising the technological sophisticated.

With commuters and regular drivers in mind, the all-new A6 Avant provides an extensive range of driver assistance systems - 'City Assist' and 'Tour' packs being the main umbrella of these systems.


The interior of the all-new Audi A6 Avant houses stylish and minimalistic design concepts, integrating new operating systems. Dominating the sleek, black instrument panel to the top is the MMI touch response display unit, angled slightly towards the driver. Horizontal lines reinforce the feeling of a large open space, with all elements relating logically to each other.

Elegant colour schemes with exceptionally soft leathers, rich open-pore woods and the added option of interior fragrancing via an ioniser, ensures the new onboard technology is embedded without detracting from the luxurious and exceptional craftsmanship of the cabin.


MMI Navigation plus is an available option on the all-new A6 Avant, and is the top-of-the-line component in the infotainment range for the model.

The navigation system uses Personal route assist to recognise the driver's preferred options based on previous journeys and will generate intelligent suggestions for this information. The all-new A6 Avant also features LTE Advanced standard for data transfer and incorporates it's own WiFi hotspot.

Stand-out optional features also include Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System delivery incredible 3D sound clarity through a total of 15 loudspeakers.

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