The new Audi R8- Now open for ordering!

The new Audi R8- Now open for ordering!


With its even more distinctive exterior design, no other Audi is as close to racing as the Audi R8. The new Audi R8 demonstrates with every trip that concentrated power and elegance are perfectly compatible.

Discover the R8 Coupé or R8 Spyder in 3 versions: the R8 V10 quattro, the R8 V10 performance quattro or – as a limited edition – the R8 V10 Decennium.

Faster. Sharper. More defined.

Born on the track, built for the road. Inside and out, the 2019 Audi R8 features a number of performance and styling updates. From more power and torque for the naturally-aspirated V10 engines to the striking design details, the Audi R8’s road presence is more defined than ever.

Beating heart.

It’s the familiar growl you love, but with extra bite. Equipped with an uprated 570PS in the ‘standard’ R8 Coupé and Spyder V10 quattro, increased to 620PS in the top V10 Performance versions, the roar of the new R8 is unmistakable.

Comfort and stability haven’t been sacrificed, though. Modifications to the suspension provide razor-sharp precision when you need it most. It’s power to match the purpose.

Striking appearance.

The new R8’s aesthetics upgrades are subtle yet impactful. The wider Singleframe radiator and front splitter accentuate the tauter, more focused aesthetic, while thick air inlet bars and slits in the hood nod to the iconic Audi Ur-Quattro brand. Inside the cabin there are a number of new colour and stitching options, giving the driver further opportunity to make the new R8, their new R8.


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