Following in the footsteps of its e-tron family, the Q6 e-tron looks as though it will feature a large, blanked-off grille, thin LED headlights and large intakes. With similarities like these found at the front, the rear of the Q6 e-tron is bound to resemble that of the Q4-etron, too – perhaps with the same LED light bar spanning the width of the car. Inside, again we assume it’ll look similar to the Q4 e-tron, albeit with a bit more legroom for passengers thanks to the more spacious nature of the model. And if we know Audi (which we undoubtedly do), the interior will be luxurious and comfortable. In line with its sustainable approach across the e-tron range, we imagine the interior will feature a range of recycled materials. In the Q4 e-tron, for example, the floor covering and seat trims are made from plastic bottles.


Similarly to the Q4 e-tron, we expect to see a virtual cockpit, augmented reality head-up display and a large central touchscreen as part of the tech line-up in the Q6 e-tron. The Audi e-tron range continues to incorporate state of the art tech into each of its new releases, and the Q6 e-tron won’t be any different.

Release Date

Audi continues to make great strides in its electric vehicle roll-out, with the Q6 e-tron just one of more than 20 electric cars that the brand is hoping to launch by 2025. It will sit above the Q4 e-tron for lifestyles that demand a little more space but will combine a similar level of comfort, style and performance. CEO Markus Duessman, confirmed the launch of the Audi Q6 e-tron to be in late 2022.


Audi is yet to confirm pricing details for the Audi Q6 e-tron. However, it is rumoured the model will be priced starting from around £60,000-£70,000.