Audi S8 The Audi S8 claims the title of the most powerful model in the range with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. It combines progressive luxury with dynamic athleticism thanks to its Predictive Active Suspension System and dynamic all-wheel steering, all of which allows the S8 to turn into a luxury saloon or sports car at the press of a button. It comes in three trims: standard S8, S8 Black Edition and the S8 Vorsprung. Each trim level is designed to fit with your own preferred styling, driving experience and technology requirements, and standard equipment varies by trim. View All S Range Offers


Audi takes an understated styling approach with the S8, providing minimal hints to what hides inside. On the face of it, you find sleek aluminium mirror housings and dynamic side-lines to give the impression of a sophisticated four-door saloon. This is carried by the 20” or 21” 5-double-spoke alloy wheels, depending on the trim. Inside, high-quality materials combined with ergonomic design promote a loud sense of luxury; from the leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel with gear-shift paddles, to the Sport front seats in Valcona leather with diamond-quilted S-embossing. For an even more intense injection of richness, drivers can opt for the Extended Leather Pack. In typical Audi style, the interior oozes affluence. There’s also a more than generous amount of space inside, as the boot measures 505 litres.


Modern accents are found all over the S8, including the LED-Matrix headlights that illuminate with a beam designed to achieve a colour closer to that of natural daylight, while dynamic indicators utilise a modern sweeping motion. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the Predictive Active Suspension. This guarantees increased driving dynamics in addition to superior ride comfort by using a forward-facing camera to scan the road ahead for the likes of speedbumps and potholes, and then preparing the air suspension to cope, adjusting accordingly. Its behaviour can be adjusted via the S8’s Drive Select modes: Efficiency, Auto, Dynamic, Comfort+ and Individual. In Comfort+, the suspension system counteracts the weight shift when accelerating or braking; in Dynamic, the Predictive Active Suspension aims to minimise body roll during hard corners with the aim to keep the car flat. Before taking to the road, the suspension raises the body, making it easier for the driver to get in and out of the car.

Performance & Technology

There’s a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine underneath the bonnet, which comes with 48-volt Mild Hybrid assistance, and produces 563bhp and 800Nm of torque handled by an eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox. The most powerful S from Audi, 3.8 seconds is all it takes for the S8 to sprint from 0 – 62mph, with a limited top speed of 155mph. Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive provides confidence-inspiring handling as it distributes variable amounts of driving force to each wheel, improving stability and agility across any driving situation. What’s more, the dynamic all-wheel steering assists the driver with active steering intervention on the front and rear axles: at low speeds, the steering effort for the driver is reduced for better manoeuvrability, and at high speeds, targeted adjustment improves responsiveness and stability. The S8 boasts a whole host of digital offerings as standard. The interface is touch-based, with twin landscape touchscreens adorning the centre console. The top screen (10.1”) utilises MMI Navigation Plus while the bottom screen (8.6”) looks after the climate controls and serves as a keyboard or trackpad for navigation. A third screen houses the Audi Virtual Cockpit.


Assistance is aplenty in the S8, including Pre-sense Front, Park Assist with Parking System Plus, Pre-sense Basic and Camera-based Traffic Sign Recognition. Park Assist is a driver’s ultimate parking companion; not only does it search for suitable parking spaces along the road by using ultrasonic sensors, but the vehicle then takes over and performs the steering, acceleration, braking and shifting of gears automatically. In addition to this, Adaptive Cruise Assist supports the driver when accelerating, braking, steering and maintaining distances in the range of 0 – 155mph. The system also detects the lane markings, structures next to the road, vehicles in adjacent lanes and multiple vehicles ahead for safe motorway driving.
Audi S8 Overview The S8 consists of 1 model variant. The S8 is available with a variety of trim levels. Each trim level is designed to fit with your own preferred styling, driving experience and technology requirements. Standard equipment and the choice of options both vary by trim. The S8 gives you the choice of 3 trim levels: S8, Black Edition, Vorsprung. To explore the full range of features available as standard across the S8 range click below and choose the model variant and trim to suit your needs. View Features In Detail