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24-hour London

A growing trend for restaurants that serve food and drink around the clock, and the introduction of the Night Tube this summer, London is well on its way to becoming the city that never sleeps, only more decadent.

It’s past midnight, the streets are all but empty, and your Audi R8 Coupé V10 streaks through the quiet roads. Nothing could be better than hearing that smooth growl of the engine break the silence of the streets, then stop for a night cap and watch the sun rise.

The sophisticated any-hour eateries popping up across London are a far-cry from the chip shops and takeaways that we all know and use. Cans of beer and Coke are replaced by delicate martinis and adventurous cocktails, unidentified meat with perfectly cooked steak. Taking the Audi R8 for a spin around the streets, it was the perfect opportunity to try some of these places out.

First up is the Balans Soho Society, located on Old Compton Street. Its tagline claims to be a ‘haven for the convivial’, and that is certainly the atmosphere that greets you as you take a seat amongst the modern décor and upbeat music. The menu offers dishes such as ‘thrice-fried’ chicken and apple compote doughnuts, and they arrive looking as delicious as they sound.

For something a bit more understated, VQ is located in Chelsea and Bloomsbury, a truly 24-hour restaurant. It describes itself as a diner, though certainly one of the most sophisticated diners in London. Rib-eye steak comes sizzling and juicy, served by attentive staff at one o’clock in the morning, though the professionalism gives the impression that it could still be early evening.

Topping then off, literally, is Duck & Waffle, located on the 40th floor of Bishopsgate’s Heron Tower and London’s highest restaurant. Such an incredible view means there is always a crowd of people trying to get in, so booking is certainly advisable. Experimental food and cocktails include petite pots of baked haddock in lobster cream and white chocolate and pistachio blondies, and as the sun rises over the city, there has never been a better place to enjoy breakfast.

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Audi R8 London
Duck and Waffle London
Audi R8 London