Audi launches new 3D configuration

Audi is the first automobile manufacturer to use 3D visualization in its product configurator. Rather than the static images used in the past, customers now experience for the first time a 360 degree view of an animated vehicle in real time, directly via the Audi website. The application is launching in Germany and 24 additional countries worldwide.

With the new 3D solution Audi Visualization Engine, customers experience their custom-configured car interactively and very realistically down to the smallest detail. They can turn on the headlights or even open and close the doors. In mathematical terms, there are several hundred million possible models and equipment variants available. The custom-configured Audi can be placed in different environments, such as a tunnel or a green Icelandic landscape, with just one click. Another new feature is the ability to display the finest of details, such as the finish of the inlays, parking and running lights, and opening and closing of the convertible top. “Particularly when it comes to the individual equipment options, our new 3D visualization in the configurator provides customers with an extremely comprehensive, detailed image of the desired model and supports their purchasing decision,” said Thomas Orenz, project manager for the Audi Visualization Engine at AUDI AG.

The model is rendered in real time on any device directly via the Audi website, with no need for an additional app or plug-in. The 3D application uses virtual Audi data models and rendering techniques as those, which are used in the games industry.

This new application in the configurator is Audi’s next step toward a digital customer experience. The Audi A4 has been available on the manufacturer’s German website as a first 3D pilot model since 2017. Now the Audi Visualization Engine is being rolled out for all available models in major European markets such as Germany, the UK, France and Spain as well as in the USA and Japan. Future plans include upgrading image quality to 4K, additional country-specific environments for the vehicles and customized use of the solution for dealerships.