The new Audi A6 Avant put to the family test

When it comes to the acquisition of a family car, reason prevails. And it tells us: safety first, plus lots of space. Daddy’s favorite toy then becomes a thing of the past. But blogger Kai Bösel found a way out of this misery: the Audi A6 Avant.

When parents look around for a new family car, requirements may vary. For some, the space is the decisive criterion, because they transport family members, prams, shopping and other equipment. For other mums and dads, it’s all about safety, because they want to transport their offspring from A to B with the highest level of protection.

And then we have the fraction with the desire for comfort and individualization to equip the car according to their own design ideas and with the desired features. Oh, and then there are those with older kids, asking for connectivity, WiFi and charging options.

The Audi A6 Avant: a reasonable car with driving pleasure?

But it doesn’t matter who it is that’s looking for a new family car. Because in this context, the word “reasonable” appears quite frequently in all of their requirements. And suddenly, that doesn’t sound like driving fun anymore. The purchase price, consumption and economy certainly play a decisive role.

But wouldn’t a potential bratmobile actually be perfect for people without children to park in their garage? I think so, yes. And that’s why I took a very close look at the brand-new Audi A6 Avant, because several hearts beat under its massive hood.

The sportsman

The almost five-meter-long car from the wind tunnel doesn’t have much to do with the kind of station wagon one I got to know in my childhood. And that’s a good thing. The sporty, dynamic lines are also appealing to the buyer who is particularly interested in agile driving behavior and a “fast-paced” look. One highlight is the steering rear axle, which enables particularly tight manoeuvres. The Avant even combines two sports that are actually mutually exclusive, because it is not only a sprinter, but also a long-distance runner. I would love to drive away with the whole family for several weeks. Engines with power ratings between 204 and 340 hp indicate that it progresses anything but leisurely.

The safeguard

The child usually sits in the back on the right, because that is the place with the best view. And while it looks out through the extremely large panorama roof or side window, various assistance systems ensure safe driving. The Adaptive Driving Assistant is a new feature. It thinks along while driving and adapts the speed to the conditions. This ensures not only safety, but also reduced fuel consumption. However, the car also supports the driver in the urban jungle, for example during parking manoeuvres with the cross-traffic assistant. And although we don’t even want to think about the case of an emergency – if there should be a collision, I want my family to be optimally protected. And for this case, the A6 Avant seems to be the technical measure of all things.

The space miracle

Some people may think it’s unmanly, but I actually tend to sit in the back seat more often on our family tours. Because I love goofing around with my daughter, playing “I spy” or other games for time pass. And that’s why I need legroom in the back seat. There’s plenty of room to the driver’s seat in the A6 Avant, I like that. A similar amount of space is available in the boot that can be enlarged as required by partially folding backrests. And “space” for parents always means a multitude of storage options for provisions, drinking bottles and toys. Even in this aspect, nothing is missing.

Daddy’s favorite toy

I like a cockpit that feels like it was built around me. And that’s exactly how it is in the A6 Avant when the door is closed and a peaceful atmosphere sets in. All instruments and screens are designed for the driver and can be operated individually. The two displays provide the most important apps and features, but can also be controlled by voice or font input. This way the driver stays focused on the road. Further technical refinements that make every dad’s heart beat faster are the head-up display, the sensor-controlled tailgate and the Bang & Olufsen Advanced sound system.

Driving behaviour, appearance and equipment are almost perfect and ensure anticipation for every single ride. Thus, the Audi A6 Avant lands at the top of my current wish list. I’m off to break open my piggy bank…