Audi Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise Control is now a common feature of car technology in modern vehicles, maintaining a constant set speed – but Audi’s Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) raised the bar when it was introduced, with stop & go function and an automatic distance control system to go that extra mile. Perfect for long journeys and motorway driving, it’s a feature that you never knew you wanted – but as soon as you have it, you can’t live without it.

Working within a speed range of 0 – 155mph, the system emits a narrow radio frequency beam from radar sensors installed at the front of the Audi to seek out vehicles ahead. If no vehicles are within range, the pre-set speed will be maintained, but if a vehicle is detected ahead, that’s when the active aspect of the system comes into its own.

ACC regulates the speed and interval to the vehicle ahead by automatically braking and accelerating up to a pre-set top speed; with a smooth, seamless and natural operation, you barely notice it working its magic. If traffic slows down, you slow down – and if traffic speeds up, you speed up, so you can enjoy the drive without having to disengage and resume Cruise Control as traffic demands.

A safe interval is left between you and the car in front, which is viewable on the dashboard display. The default spacing interval between your Audi with ACC and the vehicle in front varies with speed – the slower the speed, the narrower the gap, and the faster the speed, the greater the gap.

If the vehicle travelling ahead suddenly decreases speed or another vehicle merges into the lane in front of you, the Audi’s brakes are automatically applied to match the slowing rate of the vehicle in front, to restore the interval to the required distance.

When driving in slow-moving traffic, the ACC stop & go automatically slows the car to a stop when necessary. The vehicle moves off again automatically if it has only briefly stopped, following the vehicle ahead. The accelerator or cruise control lever must be tapped if the car has stopped for a longer period, much the same as the Audi start-stop system.

The highly intelligent ACC system utilises data from other driver information systems to continuously analyse the vehicle’s surroundings. It’s able to recognise intricate scenarios and predictively support the driver with reflection and composure. A safety measure is included, alerting the driver when a collision is imminent, tightening seat belts and priming air bags in preparation. As an additional benefit, fuel economy can be improved with ACC usage, thanks to smoother throttle operation and greater consistency than manual driving.

If you are interested in owning an Audi with Adaptive Cruise Control, contact your local Jardine Motors Audi to find out more.