Ahead of the game - Audi invited to a first look at Spurs' new ground 

The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium opened this week. As official car partner, Audi was invited for a first look at this venue ‘with technology at its heart’

Tottenham Hotspur’s new home ground is a collection of firsts, biggest and bests. Some 62,062 fans found this out for themselves, when the venue opened its doors for its inaugural home game, versus Crystal Palace on Wednesday 3 April.

Fans enter via a huge atrium – a cathedral-like space in which two huge ‘trees’ that form the supports for the colossal South Stand stretch five storeys high. It’s here that 17,500 of those fans will sit together in a single tier – the largest in the UK – in rows uninterrupted by the usual surfeit of exits or hospitality boxes. Not only does this mean that more of them will feel closer to the action, but also that the noise generated will create what the architects call ‘a wall of sound’.

Ground-breaking feats of engineering and technology are to be found all over the site. Out in the stadium and above the heads of the spectators, four huge screens offer almost 1000 sq m of viewing capability – almost twice the amount at most other London venues. And the pitch notches up yet another world first: it splits into three sections and slides under the stands and the concourse on the south side, revealing a second AstroTurf pitch and transforming Tottenham’s ground into the first bespoke NFL stadium outside of the United States.

In short, innovations seem to lurk everywhere you look here, making Spurs’ long-awaited new home the very embodiment of Audi’s much-quoted mantra, Vorsprung durch Technik.