Audi shows its premium class at company car awards

The A4, A8 and Q5 have been awarded Compact Executive, Luxury and Premium cars of the year respectively by Company Car Today, as part of its CCT100 definitive list of 100 cars that fulfil any business car requirement.

A shortlist containing the top five cars in each category is assessed across 12 key factors, including emissions, price, running costs, company car tax, practicality, desirability and the driving experience.

Audi A4 – Compact Executive Car of the Year

“The A4 retained its title as the best compact executive car thanks to its excellent running costs, combined with a high-quality interior and good driving experience,” said Company Car Today Editor Paul Barker. “It’s a classy package that proves an inspiring incentive for aspiring execs.”

Audi A8 – Luxury Car of the Year

“Audi has thrust itself up to the top of the class with the new A8, which is able to offer cutting-edge technology, great emissions figures and high-class refined and comfortable transportation for those at the top of the corporate ladder,” said Company Car Today Editor Paul Barker.  “It’s a great new arrival in the sector, more than holding its own against some top-level competitors.”

Audi Q5 – Premium SUV of the Year

“This was a hard-fought category but the Q5 came out on top thanks to a combination of running costs, practicality and Audi’s typically high levels of interior quality,” said Company Car Today Editor Paul Barker. “A low insurance group and high residual value helped seal the success for the popular mid-sized SUV