First rate write-ups for the new R8 

The new R8 is off the mark with a cluster of rave reviews from journalists praising the upgraded sports car for the additional tweaks that have improved an already impressive performer.

Boosts to the naturally aspirated V10 engine have upped the power to 570PS for the quattro model and 620PS for the quattro performance, allowing the coupé variants to sprint from 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and 3.1 seconds, respectively.

Auto Express

James Batchelor of Auto Express wrote that the updates to the R8 give 'extra power and more feel from the steering - all wrapped up in a more aggressive looking body'. He added that, while the 'changes were small', this wasn't a particular issue because 'there was never really anything wrong with the way the old R8 drove. The R8 still rules the roost for its sheer drama and old-school charm'. Read more

Top Gear

The online review from the revered Top Gear magazine gave the car nine out of 10 and said: "Its engine and huge breadth of ability make it feel increasingly special supercar that fully deserves its spot at the top table. Audi's persistence in sticking with a large capacity, naturally aspirated V10 is increasingly giving it a real point of differentiation when almost all its rivals are motivated by twin turbo V8s or a flat six. The engine has only been very lightly tweaked for the facelift, but this is still a stand-out, hands-down stunning engine." Read more


Performance-focused magazine Evo was equally impressed with the style and performance tweaks. Its writer said: "It hares down the straights, the V10's spine-tingling war cry trailing in its wake. Throttle response is instant, helping you dish out just as much power and torque as you need it - there's no sudden, unwelcome rush of turbocharged torque here. It helps you to make the most of the R8's natural balance as you ask it to tuck in here and step out a little there. What you do notice is the quickness of the steering, particularly with the dynamic set-up." Read more 


The reviewer from Pistonheads praised the ever on-song V10 powerplant and transmission: "The engine response is still terrific - this is a car that revs to 8,750rpm and makes peak power at 8,000, and it has 10 naturally aspirated cylinders so it's a delight to rev out, comfortably in the top five best current production sports car engines. The DSG gearbox is slick, and the handling really terrific."


Weekly motoring news title Autocar enthused about the supercar's extra performance and panache, saying: "Its interior is striking and yet, being an Audi, easy to live with. Given there's much to enjoy about the V10 and the driving experience whether you're on a hot lap or not, the R8 should remain as compelling a proposition as ever. It occupies a nice spot in its class, being a satisfyingly easy car to get along with yet with a livewire engine when you ask something of it. It melds usability and glamour." Read more


Car magazine was also full of praise for the upgrades that have pushed its power up to 570PS for the quattro version and 620PS for the Performance variant, allied to modified suspension and styling changes that include a wider front grille. Car said: "The Audi R8 remains the ultimate daily supercar, one blessed with a unique mix of attributes too: a howling old-school V10, the security of all-wheel drive, a cabin that's high on refinement and technology, and pricing that undercuts mid-engined rivals." Read more

Car Throttle

Performance motoring website Car Throttle gave a detailed account of the car's time on the Ascari race circuit where the test session has held. The reviewer said: It's such an accessible supercar to jump straight into and drive quickly. But that's not to say it isn't exciting, as a full-throttle run out of Laguna proves. The noise of that 5.2-litre V10 exploding away mere inches behind my head is one of the greatest of any car on sale right now." Read more