Jardine Motors Group wins six Audi UK awards including ‘Divisional Award 2016’

Jardine Motors Group has affirmed its status as a leading dealership group following a string of prestigious award wins from Audi UK including the coveted ‘Divisional Award 2016’.

With a strong team ethos across all Audi dealerships, the Jardine team picked up a total of six awards from Audi UK and was recognised for its exceptional customer service, strong loyal customer base and high employee satisfaction.

Commenting on the ‘Divisional Award’ win Sadie Lowe, Audi Division Marketing Executive, “I have been a part of the Jardine Motors Audi family for 8 years now and over those years I have seen the Audi brand grow incredibly. We are getting stronger year on year and to hear of the amazing awards that we have recently won really does show that hard work, dedication and team work really does pay off. To receive the ‘Divisional Award 2016’ really is an outstanding achievement and one that I am very proud of.”

In addition to the coveted divisional award win, Jardine additionally picked up five dealership awards. Of the five, Amersham Audi won three including “UK Centre of the Year 2016”, and for a second consecutive year, both “Customer & Loyalty Award Area 4 winner 2016” and “Performance Award Area 4 winner 2016” highlighting the dealerships commitment to providing excellent service 24/7.

Master Technician at Amersham Audi, Ivan Thorne remarks on his experience, “Working at Amersham Audi gives me a huge sense of pride and the dealership allows me to use my passion for the Audi brand to deliver excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. I have been working at Amersham Audi for 12 years and the biggest achievement to date is helping the dealership achieve the number 1 position in Q power. This result gives me a huge sense of pride and I am very proud to be part of the team which achieved this result.”

Milton Keynes Audi received the title of “Large Centre of the Year 2016” which celebrates the dealerships strong ethos of working together as a family and maintaining strong relationships with existing customers whilst creating new ones.

On receiving the award, Senior Dealership Receptionist, Kim Jackson, commented: “We were determined to succeed in 2016 and did so by continuing to deliver exceptional customer service and welcome customers as if they were guests in our home. Receiving excellent customer feedback and supporting our team has allowed us to maintain high quality service.”

Having consistently provided outstanding experiences to customers throughout the past year, Warrington Audi achieved the title of “Performance Award Area 2 winner 2016”. The dealership continues to perform at a high level by paying close attention to detail, continuously incorporating customer feedback and focusing on developing each team member in their current role.

Sheila Murphy, Customer Support & H&S Officer at Warrington Audi shares her excitement on the award, “The fact that Audi UK and our customers have acknowledged that the team at Warrington Audi have what it takes to consistently provide a five star experience makes me very proud. It also shows real the team work that goes in every day to provide a coordinated and consistent performance.”

The ‘Divisional’ and five dealership awards celebrate the hard work and commitment of employees across all Jardine Motors Audi dealerships every day.

Andy Davies, Jardine Motors Group Audi Brand Director, comments: “I am pleased to see we have achieved the awards from Audi UK and delighted some of our dealerships have received recognition for the second year in a row. These prestigious awards celebrate our team’s strong ethos and organistion across all dealerships and our employees focus on delivering great and consistent customer service. It is humbling to see the awards celebrated by all employees throughout the division.”