Keep your Audi in check this winter

As treacherous conditions make driving more hazardous, it’s important to carry out a comprehensive check on your Audi before winter, and it’s just as important to maintain it over the season to keep you as safe as possible – a few simple steps will keep your Audi ready to hit the road each day.

Booking in for a service is advisable, but you can also carry out the following checks to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter:

  • Keep coolant levels between minimum and maximum marks, and check that there is anti-freeze in the mixture.
  • Keep your screen wash concentration suitable for cold conditions to avoid freezing, as otherwise, washer pumps may freeze and damage the wipers. Make sure it’s always topped up so you can keep your screen clean and clear.
  • Take care of your battery and avoid leaving your car standing idle for prolonged periods of time. Don’t run electrical systems longer than necessary and turn off non-essential electrics before trying to start the engine. If the engine doesn’t start quickly, use the starter in short five-second bursts and leave thirty seconds between attempts.

  • Ensure your Audi is completely clear of snow and dirt, and use air conditioning to demist and reduce condensation on windows before setting off on a journey.
  • Keep a clear view - clean your lights and number plates after every mucky journey. Regularly check all lights for your vehicle are in good working order.
  • Tyre tread of 3mm is recommended for winter driving, so ensure your tyres are suitable or replaced before the weather takes a turn. Splits, bulges and the wrong pressure can affect the control and traction of your tyres, so check for damage and replace when necessary. Consider winter or all-season tyres for improved grip.
  • Allow extra time to prepare your vehicle before you set off. Stick to major roads when possible, as they are more likely to be cleared and gritted, and allow extra time for your journeys.

If there are any checks that you are unsure of how to perform on your Audi, consult your handbook or visit your local Jardine Motors Audi, where we would be happy to help.

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