Looking for optimum winter traction? Consider quattro all-wheel drive

Audi’s renowned four-wheel-drive technology, quattro, offers technical competence and a dynamic approach to driving in all weather conditions. And it’s available across the entire Audi range.

Offering superior handling and phenomenal grip, as well as available torque vectoring technology, Audi quattro is the perfect solution for winter driving. By delivering optimal drive to each wheel, quattro works to combine precise control from all angles, making the drive incredibly rewarding.

With significantly enhanced handling and cornering performance in all weather conditions, quattro constantly analyses the grip from each wheel and delivers power where it’s needed, helping you to stay on the road and stay safe.

Benefits of quattro all-wheel drive can be seen for much of the year, not just in winter. In harsher weather conditions though, the system really comes into its own.

Contact your local Jardine Motors Audi to arrange a test drive in an Audi of your choice with quattro all-wheel drive. You won’t be disappointed. And you could be benefitting from Audi’s advanced system before the serious weather comes in.