New details released about Audi Lunar quattro

Always reaching for the stars (pun intended), Audi has brought together a team of the best scientists and engineers to build a Lunar Rover, in a bid to become a contender in Google's XPRIZE Foundation space competition to put a robotic vehicle on the moon.

Teaming up with engineers The Part-Time Scientists, Audi’s lightweight construction, made from a combination of aluminium, titanium and magnesium materials also utilises Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive in the build.

New details have now been released about how the $30 million Rover, Audi Lunar quattro, will look.

Weighing 77lbs, the Rover will be powered by a compact lithium-ion battery and will also use solar power as its main source of energy. It will have two cameras mounted on its front which will send the 3D images it collates back to earth. A third camera will be used to record lunar data activity.

Launch is scheduled for 2017.