Audi Q5 Standort Ingolstadt

One millionth Audi Q5 drives out of Ingolstadt

The success of the Audi Q5 is unparalleled for Audi as they celebrate the one millionth model being driven off the production line in Ingolstadt. The particular model was a luxury SQ5 in Sepang Blue, and has now been delivered to its lucky new home in Germany.

The Q5 has gained international popularity since its release in 2008, thanks to the wonderfully spacious interior, coupled with touches of luxury and the all-important high-class performance. The incredible versatility of this mid-range SUV has made it a favourite among customers worldwide, with the car being driven now in over 100 countries. Jardine Motors Audi is proud to offer the entire Q range ready for you to explore.

‘The Audi Q5 is a genuine guarantee of success for us. For that reason, I am very proud that we have created a worldwide crowd-puller with this SUV model from the main plant in Ingolstadt. One million Audi Q5 cars – that is due to the outstanding performance of our production team. We achieved it with great effort and commitment,’ stated Albert Mayer, Plant Director at the Audi site in Ingolstadt.

The employees at the Ingolstadt plant build more than 650 Q5 models every day, a testament to the still-growing popularity of the premium SUV, particularly in countries such as China, the United States and Germany. Audi Ingolstadt is passing on its wisdom too, as it is the lead plant and mentor for a brand new Audi plant in Mexico. From late September, the Q5 will begin a new adventure as it drives off the San José Chiapa production line for the first time.

As the popularity of the mid-range SUV grows, the Audi Q5 is set to continue growing as the market’s clear premium favourite, and the only question that remains is, where next?

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Millionth Audi Q5
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