Audi celebrates 20 years of the iconic TT

Five talented artists. Five unique artworks. One official #PortraiTT. Which is your favourite?

20 years ago, Audi engineers took inspiration from art to create an icon, the first Audi TT. Now the TT is inspiring a new generation of artists to create icons of their own. To celebrate its birthday, 5 artists and Twitter have created 5 unique portraits inspired by the TT.

First up, created this pop culture inspired tribute to the Audi TT. 

From moths to a masterpiece, this is ’s amazing final artwork.

When craft and inspiration come together, amazing things happen. Here’s your first look at 's extraordinary masterpiece, created with your help.

In collaboration with Twitter, has completed his avant-garde tribute to the Audi TT.

With a few aerosols (and the creative Twitter community) graffiti artist has unveiled his inspired portrait