Audi R8 drifts through Le Mans

This year’s 24-hour Le Mans race was full of surprises every step of the way, even in the form of the Audi R8 safety car out for sighting laps in the rain.

The rain was a constant source of aggravation for drivers and spectators alike, delaying the race and disrupting qualifiers to the sound of much displeasure from the crowds. The Audi R8 V10 Plus had been sent out for sighting laps, driven by skilled racing driver Yannick Dalmas, when he decided to brighten up the dreary crowd and have a little fun himself.

Caught on video, the flashing lights of the safety car shine through the rain, and the R8 speeds down the empty track with nothing apparently out of the ordinary. That changes however, when Dalmas foregoes steering carefully into the turn, instead choosing to pull off an impressively tidy drift, only to carry on down the track as if nothing had happened.

Whether Dalmas planned this stunt or there was simply too much water on the road, it certainly lifted the dull mood brought by the rain, and injected some excitement and entertainment while the race was at a halt.

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