Remapping – what, how and why?

In every modern Audi, you’ll find an engine control unit (ECU); a computer that controls how the engine works. It’s the brain of the car, so it is possible to change the way it thinks – simply by altering its settings.

It is possible for some older Audi's to be tuned too, using chips rather than ECU remapping to offer similar benefits by different means.

Room for improvement in engine performance exists as a result of constrictions on vehicle manufacturers around climates, fuel qualities and laws when the original software is programmed.

This means that in under an hour, the power and fuel economy of your Audi can be improved by rewriting the ECU’s default settings with new software that can then be programmed to enhance the car’s overall performance – this is remapping.

By carefully lining up parameters such as boost pressure, fuel delivery rates and pump timing, along with adjustments to maps that electronically limit torque, throttle response and top speed, great improvements can be achieved.

After successful remapping, you should experience improved performance in your Audi immediately, so the benefits are instant – benefits have been known to reach an increase between 30 and 40bhp and up to 80Nm of torque. With a more responsive engine, overtaking can become easier and safer, plus mpg can be heightened with less frequent gear changes required.

Remapping is available at numerous tuning businesses, with many specialising in Audi – what can your own Audi achieve?