Audi Sport TT Cup – the championship and the car​​

With the conclusion of the Audi Sport TT Cup this month after six double-header meetings, Jan Kisiel of Poland has been awarded with the title in the inaugural event.

A long hard slog since 2nd May, the battle began and culminated at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany, with the final event taking place from 16 – 18 October.

Built specifically for the Audi Sport TT Cup, quattro GmbH has developed the Audi TT cup, an all-new race sports car. A stylish aerodynamic body kit, complete with carbon fibre splitter in front, extended fender flares at the side and a rear wing give the Audi TT Cup an accentuated athletic look, complemented by Audi’s Matrix LED headlights and a centred exhaust.

The minimalistic interior is fitted with a roll cage and PS1 safety seat, as seen in the Audi R8 LMS ultra. The multi-function steering wheel remains, along with the digital instrument cluster from the unmodified TT Coupé, but for added safety, a fire extinguishing system has been included in the TT Cup.​​

Markus Winkelhock, experienced professional race driver on hand to coach participants of the Audi Sport TT Cup commented ‘The TT cup is a genuine race car, ideal for rookies, yet challenging to drive. You immediately feel that you’re sitting in an Audi and recognise the close kinship with the brand’s other race cars’.

The original unmodified TT Coupé weighs 1,335kg, but the racer is 210kg lighter, weighing in at 1,125kg and delivers a tyre-shredding 310hp. An added push-to-pass function boosts the output of the two-litre TFSI engine briefly by 30hp when overtaking. The Audi TT Cup’s 2.0-litre TFSI engine with over 400 Nm of torque has retained its six-speed S tronic dual-clutch gearbox and comes with an electronically viable active differential.​​

We’ll have to wait until the next Audi Sport TT Cup to see the car back in action, but if you want to experience the third-generation Audi TT Coupé for yourself, contact your local Jardine Motors Audi to arrange a test drive.

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