The perfect accessory for an Audi RS ​​

The perfect accessory for an Audi RS

They say that you can tell everything you need to know about a woman from the contents of her handbag, but what about the handbag itself? If you took a look at Sandra Park’s new design for Audi, for example, you would immediately know that this is a handbag of superior standards.

Audi’s RS models are created for the most discerning of customers, which means only the very best materials are used. You can see the impressive quality of these interiors for yourself, by taking a look at the RS range available at Jardine Motors Audi.

To show just how good the interior leather is, Audi challenged the London-based designer behind the rising brand HEIO, Sandra Park, to create a one-of-a-kind handbag made entirely out of the leather used in Audi RS interiors.

“When I look at leathers, it’s from a bag design perspective. But now I have these leathers that have been chosen for cars, and I’m using them for a bag. So that’s been kind of a twist,” Sandra explained when talking about her approach to the task.

Sandra was born and raised in Barcelona, and has been inspired by the geometric and colourful designs of the artist Gaudi from a young age, which has helped to inspire her own iconic bag design; ‘The Cube’. Aside from the design, it is the sheer quality of each bag that sets her work apart from other designers, spending hours with her manufacturer to make sure the cut and colours of the leather meet her high standards.

Her opinion of the leathers was a true test for Audi’s similar dedication to quality: “We both try to get the best material for our products. Audi has chosen the best leathers for its cars and I try to choose the best leathers for my bags. When I saw the leathers and touched them, I thought, ‘This is what I was imagining exactly.’ The leathers were good.”

The inspiration for the finished bag came from an iconic scene of city living; Big Ben at night. “I thought it would be good to combine the colours red and blue, like the Union Jack. Minimal and simple but with personality. That was the true aim.”

This design philosophy is echoed in Audi’s own cars, using refined elegance with finishing touches of luxury to give personality over bold and in-your-face designs. This understated flair is what sets Audi apart from the crowd, making them perfect for the most style-conscious customer.

It was only fitting that Sandra’s bag intimated the same values: “It would be worn by someone who takes care of their image a lot. I think that my friends, the ones who really like fashion, would be confident carrying something like this.” Perfect for Audi, then.

The perfect accessory for an Audi RS ​​
The perfect accessory for an Audi RS ​​
The perfect accessory for an Audi RS ​​