The winters brings all sorts of challenges for your car; icy roads, fewer daylight hours and reduced visibility, so preparing your Audi for winter truly is essential to keep both you and your car in the best possible condition.

Winter tyres are one of the best ways you can do this – our innovative tread design and soft rubber compound formulation offer noticeably improved grip, handling, traction and braking when the temperature drops below 7˚C.

Between October and March, the temperatures drop substantially compared to the summer months – that’s more than half of the year, so it’s vital to switch to winter tyres to ensure your continued safety.

Your local experts at every Jardine Motors Audi Centre can offer you competitive pricing on tyre fittings, and we’ve even partnered with a range of premium tyre manufacturers to ensure you only get the best. Find a complete range of winter driving products to choose from, including tyres, complete wheel and tyre sets and snow chains.

Get in contact with your local Jardine Motors Audi Centre today to find out how we can help you get winter-ready.

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Did you know:

•All of Audi’s cold weather tyres are marked with the ‘snowflake’ symbol so you can be sure you are buying a true cold weather tyre

•Your Audi Centre can supply Audi-approved tyre and wheel storage bags to safely store your summer tyres until you fit them in March and your cold weather tyres until you fit them in October. These storage bags are made from a durable material and built with carry handles. They also include a wheel label highlighting system so you know which tyre belongs to which wheel

•Cold weather tyres enhance quattro models to provide a better drive, steering and braking

•Switching to cold weather tyres will increase the life expectancy of your summer tyres. Using summer tyres in temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius increases the wear by up to 20%

•Cold weather tyres will improve traction and reduce wheel spin on icy surfaces

•Cold weather tyres are designed for optimal safety and comfort when the temperature is seven degrees Celcius or below, including in wet, icy and snowy conditions