Bentley Launches New Motorsport Clothing Range for 2016

Update your wardrobe this spring with Bentley’s new range of motorsport clothing, inspired by the Continental GT3 car.

The GT3 was the first Bentley race car for a decade at its launch in 2012. It went on to win around the world and is now preparing for the new race season. This year Bentley is also launching a limited production of its new GT3-R road car, inspired by its iconic track racing cousin.

And now motorsport fans can join the action with the new Bentley motorsport collection, which offers stylish clothes and accessories for men, women and children.

The clothing range features designs and colours from the iconic GT3, including the vibrant green tone and lines inspired by the union jack flag. And all the items are available for men and women.

The collection’s design is chosen to embody the thrill of motorsport, combining contemporary design with classic craftsmanship.

Highlights from the Bentley clothing collection

The Bentley Collection is based on the racing clothing worn by the racing team, including t-shirts, technical polo shirts, soft shell jackets and practical gilets.

It also includes Bentley’s first hoodie! The design comes in a subtle colour palette of whites and greys, as well as Bentley branding.

All the pieces in the clothing collection echo the sleek design of the GT3 car, from the streamlined white silhouette to the darker side panels and bright green lines and accents. And all the items are available for men and women.

New Bentley racing accessories

Add to your new wardrobe with the complementary racing accessories such as ear plugs, a baseball cap and a duffel bag for your racing helmet.

There are even espresso cups and saucers and a white beach towel to take the Bentley motorcross look wherever you go!

Stylish Bentley clothing for kids

Selected items of the clothing range are also available in children’s sizes, including the baseball cap and technical polo shirt.

Even younger children can look the part with a Bentley baby grow, inspired by the design of racing overalls. It fit babies from 0 to 6 months.

The Bentley Motorsport Collection is now available, call and speak to a member of our Parts team for more details.

Bentley 2016 Motorsport Collection