BMW M6 Convertible


Power, luxury and beauty all come together to create the BMW M6 Convertible, resulting in a driving experience like no other.

Its sleek, aerodynamic body accelerates at blistering speed thanks to the V8 petrol engine, leaving you to revel in the pulse-quickening performance and enjoy the ride of your life.

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BMW M Series Range


State-of-the-art safety systems are employed to protect you and your passengers at all times. Cutting-edge features abound, such as BMW's Active Safety system which looks for signs of driver fatigue and will issue appropriate warnings. When the car anticipates an emergency situation, the front passenger seat will move into the upright position, front seatbelts will be pre-tensioned and the car's side windows will close automatically.

Helping to ensure maximum visibility are the car's adaptive headlights. The front beams adjust automatically to suit the road ahead, providing optimum illumination while also working to avoid dazzling other drivers​.


Stunning exterior styling puts this convertible in a class of its own. The wide stance, strong contours, flared wheel arches and aerodynamically sculpted front end all point towards the incredible power that this car is capable of unleashing in the blink of an eye.

The large intakes draw in air to cool the V8, while more discreet styling touches, such as the gills with integrated indicators, are found throughout the car.

Gleaming twin tailpipes sit either side of the car's rear diffuser, which is designed to help generate downforce.

Lowering the soft-top takes just 19 seconds and can be done while travelling at speeds of up to 25mph. Alternatively, leave it raised to enjoy excellent acoustics and thermal insulation.

The interior of the cabin is a world of luxury and refinement, accentuated through the use of high-grade materials from the BMW Individual Collection. 

Excellent ergonomics ensure every button and dial, including the 10.2-inch control display, is within easy reach, and that the entire cockpit is focused on the drivers.


Activate the car's Launch Control and prepare for rapid acceleration as the M6 pounces to reach 60mph from a standing start in less than 4.3 seconds.

The M TwinPower turbo charged V8 petrol engine is capable of producing 560bhp.

While the double-clutch transmission ensures smooth and lightning-quick changes without any interruptions.

A number of technologies are employed to control the power of the M6 Convertible and ensure a safe and smooth ride. 

If you're changing lanes quickly or accelerating hard out of a bend then the car's Active M Differential will work to maximise traction and stabilise the car.

Changing road conditions are monitored by the vehicle's Electronic Damper Control system, which will make adjustments to the suspension, leading to a smoother ride and shorter braking distances.

Vehicle length 4898 mm / 192.8 in
Vehicle width 1899 mm / 74.7 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1368 mm / 53.8 in
Wheelbase 2851 mm / 112.2 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 2055 kg / 4530 lb
Engine Cylinders 8
Engine Capacity 4395 cc
Max Torque 680 nm @ 1500 rpm
Max Power 412 kW @ 6000 rpm
Top Speed 155 mph
Acceleration 0-62 mph / 4.3 sec
Combined cycle 27.4 mpg
Urban Cycle 19.6 mpg
CO2 239 g/km

M6 Convertible 360° View