BMW VISION NEXT 100 is our exciting vision for the future

These six focus areas comprise our view of the future. They also form the basis and inspiration for the design of the BMW VISION NEXT 100 vision vehicle.

  • New forms of mobility will open countless possibilities for people to get where they want to go. We aim to play a part in shaping these future forms of mobility.
  • Everything will be connected in the future and we believe that digitalisation and digital intelligence are meant to serve people.
  • Mobility will be increasingly flexible and tailored to individual needs. Customised mobility will automatically ensure that people are able to use the best means of transport and take their preferred route to their destination.
  • Technologies are getting smarter, and we believe that innovations are only beneficial to humans if they are simple and user-friendly. Technologies must be able to learn from and adapt to people.
  • Energy will increasingly come from renewable sources in the future. We have a clear vision of environmentally-compatible vehicles using renewable energies as well as being able to recycle without generating emissions at the point of use.
  • It will become even more important for global companies like ours to take responsibility for the environment.

Self-learning system: the Companion.

Resembling a large polished gemstone in the centre of the instrument panel beneath the front windscreen, the Companion provides intuitive and subtle assistance in every driving situation, symbolising a new intelligent communication between human and car.

Perfect connectivity between you and your surroundings enables the Companion to provide the right recommendations to meet personal mobility preferences, both on the road and outside. In this way, every trip is a personalised and emotionally rewarding experience.

Revolutionary materials: Alive Geometry.

Alive Geometry is a mosaic of 800 sensor-activated triangles that form a dynamic analogue display, spanning the entire surface of the dashboard. These triangles alert you to potential dangers ahead, generating dynamic patterns, by moving and turning red in response to other road users or objects in the vehicle's vicinity.

This revolutionary form of preconscious communication all takes place on the dashboard in your peripheral vision, which means Alive Geometry does not deflect attention from your field of primary vision – the road ahead.

The driving experience: Boost or Ease.

In fully autonomous Ease Mode, the Companion takes over all driving duties. It provides constant route, road condition and performance updates along the way, ensuring you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination.

In Boost Mode, everything revolves around driving performance. That’s why the Head-up Display shows ideal driving lines and braking, steering and acceleration points directly in your field of vision.

Reflective glass.

As well as increasing privacy, the vision vehicle’s reflective glass reduces the interior heating of the vehicle by 30%.

Dynamic wheel arches.

Enclosed wheel arches help reduce drag and lower energy consumption.


Thanks to a streamlined design and fully closed outer shell, an exceptionally low drag of just 0.18cW is delivered.


The 100% leather-free interior finishings are produced using mono-materials. These optimise the production process as they can be printed directly with paint.

VISION NEXT 100 360° View