Maintain the perfect climate.

We believe that a perfectly functioning air conditioning system is a vital part of your BMW driving experience. That's why we are pleased to say that all BMW Air Conditioning Services at both our Lancaster Bury St Edmunds and Lancaster Milton Keynes retailers will only ever be completed by a BMW Technician and we will only ever use BMW Genuine Parts.

Why is my Air Conditioning System important?

Your Air Conditioning System works to keep you comfortable at all times by:

  • Keeping your BMW at the optimum climate when you're driving
  • Providing a cabin that is dust and allergen free
  • Ensuring that you can quickly de-fog your windscreen on a cold morning
  • Keep your BMW smelling fresh with that new car smell!

What is the different between a Recharge and Refresh?

A BMW Recharge Service is the perfect fix to ensure that there are no leaks or loss of pressure. It also includes a complete drain and refilling of the refrigerant and lubricants.

A BMW Refresh keeps your BMW smelling like it's brand new! The BMW Technician will clean and disinfect the evaporator and air duct systems - as well as treating the air vents and interior!

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