DAB radio now available for £299 including fitting - Get ready for the switch!​

Like television, radio broadcasts will switch from analogue (FM/AM radio) to digital in the near future. This means your existing car radio will stop working, don’t worry: you can have a Genuine BMW Accessory DAB radio retro fitted to your car at Lancaster Milton Keynes, to keep up with the changing technology.

The switch is good news for listeners. Digital radio offers far more channels – currently about double the number of FM stations – and a much wider selection of genres and station types to listen to.

They’re also easy to use. Instead of searching for your favourite station across the spectrum, just search by station name instead. When you’re listening, your digital radio will display digital text information like song name, artist, track length and the station you’re listening to. You can even control time, figuratively – your DAB radio lets you pause, record and rewind live radio broadcasts, putting you in control.

All these benefits are completely free once your radio is installed. How does that sound?

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