Winter tyres

Winter tyres for BMW vehicles are designed to be resilient and robust during more bitter conditions. In ice and snow, winter tyres perform to the same high standard that you’d expect from your regular tyres during the rest of the year. In fact, when fitted properly, winter tyres can perform as well as their summer counterparts.

Winter tyres are able to perform so well due to their construction; they’re made from enhanced silica with added natural rubber, and each tyre is designed to withstand colder environments. Regular tyres have a tendency to harden at low temperatures, whilst winter tyres do not. This ensures they remain flexible and grip the road more comfortably in even the coldest of conditions.

Extensive tests by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association has confirmed the effectiveness of winter tyres, and concludes they can reduce stopping distance by approximately 11 metres when travelling at speeds of up to 20mph in temperatures of seven degrees or less. Your vehicle’s wet braking distance could also be shortened by a full car length when travelling at 60mph.

To find out more about winter tyres or for more information on any of the tyres we have in stock, drop in to your nearest Jardine Motors BMW retailer.

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