Kelly Coley came to Jardine Motors Group in November 2016.With no previous experience in the motor industry, her previous roles were all retail based.Kelly began working in her local River Island store at weekends while she was studying at college and worked her way up within the retail industry to Floor Manager for House of Fraser in Wolverhampton where she was responsible for a team of 160 House of Fraser and concession staff.

Kelly decided to apply for a role at Halesowen Audi as she wanted more job security and a better work-life balance.She enjoys the motor industry as it allows her to provide customers with a more personal level of service than the retail sector offers.

The retail experience taught her essential communications and people skills which can be used to help her deal with customers each day.Kelly works as a Service Advisor and says it is the best job she has ever had.She thrives on the personal interaction with the customers and loves the fact that no two days are ever the same.Being a fast paced environment, team, work is essential, but she comments that everyone helps each other out and the time just flies by.