Vehicle sanitisation

All vehicles, whether customer cars, showroom vehicles or demonstrators will be fully sanitised after use.

This will include:

- steering wheel, indicator and paddles
- interior and exterior door handles
- touchpoints such dashboard, gear lever, lights and navigation levers

Please click here to download a full list of disinfection touchpoints.

Showroom vehicles

Showroom vehicles will be displayed to observe social distancing parameters and will be and will be locked until further restrictions are lifted.

Customer Service Vehicles

Customer vehicles in our workshop will have the both the steering wheel and seats protected with covers whilst the vehicle is being worked on. Once the work is complete and car parked ready for collection, the car will be sanitised as outlined above. In the workshop, alternate work bays will be operational.

Please watch our video for an overview of the preventative measures that have been taken and what to expect when you are welcomed to a site.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask any member of our team. For more detailed information on these measures, please use the following links: