Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Health Checks

Maintenance on your hybrid or electric car is just as important as with any combustion-engine car. With a number of elements such as a battery and wiring inspection, it's important to ensure that weathering hasn't deteriorated the condition of any essential components that may impact the performance or safety of your car.

Maintain your car's performance and condition with a complimentary vehicle health check from our Jardine Motors dealerships across the UK.

As a valued Jardine Motors customer, we’re pleased to arrange for a vehicle health check whenever you pay us a visit. If you notice anything – from loss of performance to worn tyres – just visit your nearest Jardine Motors dealership to let our technical team take a look at your car.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more or book in for an appointment. Our technicians will assess the exterior and interior of your car to ensure your vehicle is in working order.

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